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Snowy Mountain Sunset

Divine Illuminations with Tara

30mins $88     1.5 hrs $111      3hrs $222


This is an Ancient technique that taps into the Universal Life energy, also called Source, God, or Divine energy. Through the laying of hands you will release any dark energy or dense matter no longer serving you and every cell will be filled with unconditional love. 

Elemental Reset

This method taps into the elements within your body through breath, body movement, energy flow, and connecting to each element through visualization in a meditative state of being. 


Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine

Exploring what is within you that utilizes the energies of the masculine and feminine. Discovering their existence in different areas of your life and being in a state of acceptance for both. 

Quantum Healing

Quantum Energy healing works with the Quantum field, life force field, luminous energy body, morphic field and sensory field through visualization, meditation, energy flow and breathwork. 


Channeling is offered in 3 ways!

Light Language through the voice creating healing frequencies. 

Mediumship to connect you to your higher Self, guides, Angels, and loved ones. Quantum Field readings of now. 

Sound Healing

Offers your body to enter into a state of harmony that allows the body to reset on a cellular level through sound frequencies. This assists stress relief, insomnia, anxiety, depression, disease, the nervous system and more...


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