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Quantum Energy Healing (LB3 Method)

The Medicine of the Future on 11/22 @ 6-8pm

  • 2 hr
  • From 100 US dollars
  • Harbor Centre

Service Description

Two options available in 2024! Commences November 22th, 6-8pm Certificate program is an 8-month commitment One payment of $800 or 8 monthly payments of $100 In this program you will be given tools and practices to expand your awareness about Quantum energy medicine. This will help you heal yourself through sound, meditation, mindfulness and intentional breathe and body work. Below is insight on Quantum Medicine and the Quantum field. Quantum medicine is focused on the healthy state of the body and mind through examining the body from health to sickness, offering practices that deal with the system of self-regulation, and self-healing. Quantum medicine is considered energy medicine. It is based on the idea that the body is not only matter but also vital energy. If that vital energy is disturbed or blocked, it will not only cause discomfort but can also bring diseases and illness into the body. In Quantum Healing, we align the personal conscious mind with the superconscious Soul and engage the subconscious mind in participating for the highest good, your Original Gift to the planet. As we access larger fields of intelligence through Sound, Meditation, Yoga or Qi gong, Shamanic Journeying, mindfulness and Creative Action, we hold a non-dual perspective of reality, experiencing life as a web of interconnected pathways of light, a Loom of Love. Quantum literally means “how great” or “how much,” but it actually describes the tiniest discrete unit of the fluid field of consciousness. Our awareness of subatomic waves of light, sound and energy give us a profound experience of wholeness, of being totally connected and at-one – atoned – with the whole holy web of life. When we set an intention and place it in the Quantum Web, the electron spin and wave function of the quantum waves make a shift. We send reverberations throughout the entire field. When we are aware of this field of wholeness —and grateful for it — an essential power is available in our being; this profound spiritual capacity is inherent in all. From this empowerment, amazing spontaneous blessings happen. Miracles occur. That’s why another description of Quantum Healing is Miracle Physics. Gathering Monthly starting in November 2024! We will have our meet up in March. Our schedule will be formed when we meet on 11/22/24. For any questions email us at

Contact Details

  • 606 E Main St, Elizabeth City, NC, USA

    + 123-456-7890

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