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  • 1 hour
  • South Water Street

Service Description

As you dive deep into the most hidden parts of your soul you become aware of the patterns and programs that have limited your existence while on Earth. Your soul, pure light and love, expands with each release of thought, emotion, and attachment that is no longer serving your life's purpose. You've come to a crossroads of undeniable awareness that you must enter the dark to step into the light. This process is not for the faint of heart. This experience is for those ready to feel, express every experience encountered from the time of origin. This can be compared to psychoactive alternatives such as the medicine of ayahuasca, trauma release through electrotaxis such as bioelectricity or ect treatments, and the combination of metaphysical energy transformations. You will be in the dark for 24 to 96 hours, depending on length of retreat chosen, while we guide you on a transpersonal breakthrough in discovering who you truly are and have always been prior to the noise. A state of purity, self-reliance, and truth. Slowing entering into the light you will become aware of how to integrate this part of you with the world to establish safety, security, and abundance. You will gain freedom, expression, and unconditional love through action. Who will you be? Who will you become? Who will you offer to the world? It's time to face your truth, forgive, let go, receive, empower, and expand the light from within! You will receive a very detailed package to assist you in this experience when you take the first step of making the deposit. You will be guided for a month from the time you accept this journey till the time you feel complete. Never alone, but freely experiencing you without distraction or influence. 1st Step Choose Consultation time Complete Booking form or Email directly to receive Information regarding Retreat Packages 2nd Step Consultation Set up Date of Arrival Receive Informational Packet 3rd Step Follow Instructions for Arrival Experience Illumination Depart with a New Mind & Body

Contact Details

  • 400 South Water Street, Elizabeth City, NC, USA


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