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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our Story

We discovered the why of our family's root causes of so much hardship and have decided together we will share it with you. We are a family of guides, who have endured rape, molestation, abuse, mental conditions, bodily injuries, labels such as autism, family trauma, financial burdens, and several near-death experiences. Through these times we learned the lessons as we moved forward in truth about who the Divine is in every season. Through our journey of assisting others to heal we noticed that when an individual would be placed back into the same environment that the relapse of stress, anxiety, depression, what we call lack of will, would take hold and limit their ability to continue the work. This is we have come together to offer a space that unites families, all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances through what we've learned to create harmony, balance, and abundance in a family for generations. We have been trained in biblical studies of the living word, Energy Medicine healing, quantum touch, mind & body consciousness, EFT, breathe work, reiki master, light channeling, family constellations, and much more. We open our hearts to receiving the guidance from Divine in every encounter with you so there is not a systematic approach to any session or offering we give. It is led by spirit. We practice unity, because even if our beliefs, thoughts, and actions do not align we are well aware that all of us are connected through the Divine. You are the reason we have been sent here to experience all we have, heal, and grow with each lesson learned.
Come in and chat with us if you would like to hear more about our story!

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