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Feel Joy! Experience unconditional Love! Be Healed

No Judgment No Expection No Limits No Fear

Courses & Workshops

After many years of experience, education, research, practice, offering to our family and the spiritual community we have designed courses to assist you in living a life of abundance, peace and love.

We have opened our space to the commUNITY of light workers for YOU to receive from healers, guides, scientists, psychologists, and the list goes on right here in Elizabeth City, NC

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We have a variety of workshops now available to YOU!

We have been blessed to welcome teachers, guides, and healers from all over the world to offer in EC, NC.

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LB3 Immersion group

This 7 Week Immersion group will help you to achieve your goals at an exponential rate/level. Together we will go over the LB3 system. A way of life that aligns your environment, mind, body, & Soul to provide the future of your dreams.

A $400 value for ONLY $99

Footprints in the Sand

Lb3 Method

This customized 12 Week one on one program will help you to achieve your goals. Together we will go more in depth into the LB3 system to transform your life. You will have access to a variety of holistic practices, alternative medicine, and spiritual guidance. 

A $1300 value for ONLY $400

What is Divine...

Alternative Medicine 

We offer a way for the East to meet the West, a way for all regions of the world to bring healing to you. 

We are a Spirit led community that offers meditations, Quantum healing, Life force (chakra) wisdom and healing, Somatic body movement, Esctatic dance to feel, express and release, Intentional Breathe work, Eft Tapping, mind and body consciousness, Family Constellations therapy, one on one sessions, and much more...

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Assisting you to connect your soul with your mind and body to create balance within through different healing modalities that will be designed specifically for you to experience a purpose and mission filled life. 


 I have found through God to incorporate alternative medicine through a holistic and naturopathic approach that aligns with what I've found in the living word. We are a testament to what a miracle is, and the grace given by God. 


We welcome you to join us for gatherings to gain, grow, and give with those who are on the same path as you. In group meditations you will be given insight, or generational healings will offer you growth, but in all sessions, you will gain freedom.  

Stay Connected...

A Family built on God's Divine light & love

Thank you for living a purpose filled life!

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